Frequently Asked Questions

How does SmileYou work?
SmileYou employs a very easy and intuitive software that can be used by anyone. You only have to place yourself in front of the machine and smile until the countdown is over. Then you have to select the number of copies you want and SmileYou will print them quickly. However, a SmileYou technician will accompany the machine during the duration of the service to answer any questions that may arise.
How many copies can I print of each photograph?
As many as you want! Our service includes unlimited printing and SmileYou allows to make multiple copies in a few seconds. Thus, no user will leave the event without a copy.
How much space does SmileYou needs for its assembly?
The basic SmileYou assembly requires a 1x2m space (2m2) and the Chroma Key assembly needs just a little more space: 32,5m (7.5m2)
Do you provide photographs in digital format also?
Of course! After the event we will send you an email with a download link containing all of the photos. Also, if you agree, we can upload them to a password-protected web gallery so all attendees may have access to them.
And what if the place is not sufficiently illuminated. Will the result of the photographs be any good?
Do not worry! SmileYou contains two powerful spotlights that will make your photos come out perfect. If necessary, we will take care of the problem by bringing extra lighting.
Do you do events anywhere in Spain?
Spain and the world! Sometimes we charge an extra amount for mileage. Ask us!
How can I make a reservation and payment?
For individuals, we request payment of 200 € for the reservation, this will be deducted from the total budget. You will be able to pay the remaining amount until a week before the event. As for the payment, you can do so by transfer, PayPal, credit card or direct debit.
If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (691 10 25 25 ) or by email and we will be happy to answer them.

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